We learned simple, effective methods to calm our baby.

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In my opinion, the best overall technique for working with well babies is Child’Space.

Carol R. Bettendorf, PT, MS

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Some Of The Benefits

  • Provides a Foundation

    Child’Space lessons provide a foundation for parents to develop intuition and trust their judgment in relating to their babies.

  • Teaches Parents

    Child’Space guides parents in the language of early development, demonstrating how speech, facial expression, touch, movement, rhythm and song can help a baby by stimulating primary developmental pathways.

  • A Unique Perspective

    Learning about activities relevant to their baby’s current development helps parents support the child’s growing abilities.

  • Empowers Baby & Parents

    Child’Space teaches parents how to provide the missing ingredients for babies learning to roll, crawl, sit and stand in a way that empowers both the baby and the parents.

  • Supports Development

    Babies develop better when each problem a baby faces is addressed as it arises. Leaving issues unaddressed for a long period can be hard on babies psychologically, and can lead to patterns of avoidance or compensation.

  • Develops Independence & Confidence

    By knowing when to help and when to let their babies solve problems for themselves, parents encourage their children to develop independence and self confidence.

  • Enriches Relationships

    By facilitating parents’ involvement in their babies’ early learning, Child’Space enriches the relationship, and increases parental confidence.

  • Body Mapping

    Babies’ abilities to balance themselves, to move and even to speak and think can improve dramatically as a result of their being able to feel their own body parts more clearly.

Watch an Introductory Video

Please enjoy this 16 minute video introduction to the Child’Space Method. Throughout the video, you will have an opportunity to see Chava work with a child who was born prematurely and learn about how this method also supports typically developing children.

To learn about Dr. Chava Shelhav and to  watch four wonderful videos of her working with a toddler who suffered a severe brain injury at age 30 months,  please click here>>