Chava Shelhav

Born in Israel, Chava Shelhav was one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais‘s first students, and one of the first group of 13 that he trained in his system of improving human functioning.

Dr. Shelhav received her masters at Boston University. Her thesis, Working with Brain Damaged Children Using the Feldenkrais Method, was published in 1989. Her doctorate is from the University of Heidelberg. Working in the Departments of Sociology and Life Sciences, her thesis examined the effects of the Feldenkrais Method on learning processes and other aspects of childhood. She has published a number of books in Hebrew, English and German.

Dr. Shelhav has served as educational director for 30 four-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Israel, Germany,  the United States, and the UK. In Israel, she has taught the Feldenkrais Method at Seminar Hakibbutzim, the Wingate Institute, the Asaf Harofe Medical Center‘s Department of Complementary Medicine, and at child development centers. In Germany, she heads Feldenkraiszcentrum, an institute that trains teachers in the Feldenkrais Method.

Dr. Shelhav is currently training Child’Space practitioners through programs in Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. She has a private practice in Tel Aviv.

Watch Dr. Chava Shelhav work with a child

The skills that Child’Space practitioners learn for working with healthy babies are also suitable working with babies experiencing developmental delays and other challenges.

The following videos show the Child’Space method of Dr. Chava Shelhav working with Jasmine, a toddler who suffered a severe brain injury at age 30 months.

Along with the significant emotional and motor improvements that take place, you will see Jasmine improves her ability to move her right arm and she gradually accepts it as part of a more complete self-image. Having incorporated her right arm into her self image, she begins using it, providing stimulation that drives further development.

The four clips above show highlights from four separate one-hour Child’Space Sessions, a remarkably short time considering the dramatic changes that take place.

Please Note: that these consensual interactions take place within the context of a relationship. Jasmin’s mother is nearby, closely involved in the session.