Fred Ettner, M.D., Teacher of Family Medicine at Northwestern Medical University

Observing Chava work with a mother and baby, I was struck that in a short time she changed so much in that mother, her child and in her confidence to bond with her child.

I believe that parents, caregivers and therapists can learn from this kind of experience how important it is to help children be aware of their bodies. Focusing on process at each stage of development is the best way parents can help children toward important milestones, such as crawling in infancy and standing on one leg for 15 seconds in early childhood.

Carol R. Bettendorf, PT, MS, PCS, Chicago

In my thirty-year career as a pediatric physical therapist, I have studied many treatment techniques in an effort to better help the children I work with. In my opinion, the best overall technique for working with well babies is Child’Space. In addition to addressing the relationship between parent and infant, Child’Space addresses all areas of development: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, vision, speech and language. Child’Space is very effective.

Carol is co-owner of Birth to Three & Beyond, Pediatric Therapies LLC