Parents’ Responses to Child’Space Workshops

Parents were asked to write an evaluation after taking Child’Space workshops. The following are excerpts from their responses.


  • I gained a better understanding of the process of how a baby develops.
  • I developed a new appreciation of my baby’s potential.
  • I learned that my baby’s development is right on track.
  • I learned that my baby is developing slowly and that is fineI learned that each baby develops at her own individual pace and in her own unique way.
  • We learned that you cannot force anything on a baby. You have to wait for a response.


  • We learned simple, effective methods to calm our baby.
  • We learned to use soft tapping and touch to influence our baby’s movement habits.
  • I discovered how my use of language, voice tone and facial expression can positively influence my baby’s personal development and our deepen relationship.
  • I became more creative in how I touch my child.


  • I become more confident in touching, carrying, and lifting my baby.
  • I developed a stronger sense of the importance of physical touch.
  • We developed confidence in our parenting abilities.
  • We learned to trust in our baby’s abilities. We saw that he could assess dangers on his own and was not afraid of falling.

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