Introducing Childspace to Henry (ten months) and his Mother

Henry, 10 months, is just learning to stand. In this short video, Chava helps him to feel his structure using touch and using her voice. It is a process parents can use to help their children feel and to regulate themselves, and prepares them for learning.

Chava helps Henry’s mother see that allowing him many repetitions of standing and falling while she sits nearby and attentive, is the best way to help him develop his balance in an upright posture.

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  1. Simonetta
    Simonetta says:

    Hallò, i like this video very much: i found it simple and clear about few things parents need to just being with their children. In my profession as a baby sitter i often meet parents and collegues that actually do not really know what to do when they are with babys, actually they get bored or anxious about not doing enough for them. Thank’s for your work!
    I would like to share this video on my blog, translating some parts on writing. May I?
    I’m Feldenkrais teacher, dancemovement therapy student and professional baby sitting in Bologna, Italy.
    Simonetta Pinna


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