How is Child’Space Unique?

1. Child’Space works with the family as a system.

In Child’Space, relating to a baby’s parents is not simply an adjunct to the curriculum.

In Child’Space, understanding the dynamics of family systems is a central component.

  • You will learn how to observe and work with the family as a system during your sessions.
  • You will observe demonstrations with babies and their parents that will illustrate the interaction of the mother and father and how they influence their child through their words, touch, attitudes and beliefs.
  • You will be able to influence a baby’s development by supporting parents, addressing their concerns,and by teaching them new ways to observe and interact with their children.
  • By working with the family as a whole, you will learn to to guide all members to contribute toward a baby’s development.
  • By having caregivers participate at your sessions, you will learn to support a baby’s emotional, social and cognitive development through the family in addition to motor learning.
  • You will develop your practitioner’s role as that of resource and collaborator rather than authority figure; responsibility for meeting the baby’s developmental needs will remain clearly with the family.

2. Child’Space is a multi-factor intervention using all available channels.

  • You will learn how to work with constellations of development functions cutting across cognitive, social and motor domains, dealing with the whole person rather than focusing on isolated issues.
  • You will learn to utilize all available channels of communication in your sessions including voice, facial expression, movement, rhythm, songs, games, touch and relationship.

3. Child’Space is an experiential approach.

  • Your own experience of developmental movements in the training will help you to identify a baby’s developmental stage and needs.

4. In Child’Space, we place parallel emphasis on YOUR own individual development.

  • During the developmental movement explorations, Chava will be observing you, helping you to integrate movement patterns and functions that are important for the quality of your life.
  • Chava and the teaching staff will work with you throughout the training to provide you with all the ingredients you need to be able to work with babies and their parents.
  • Group size is limited to 30 so Chava can know you personally and track your learning through the training.

5. With Child’Space, you have a ready-made support network.

  • Mentoring relationships during the training will provide support and continuity.
  • You will learn to develop relationships with other professionals in the community so that you have a network to start your work with babies when you graduate.
  • The training is accepted as continuing education by the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (FGNA).

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