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Would you like to learn ways to enrich your child’s development?

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Child’Space creates a wonderful opportunity for you to learn & grow with your child. Let us help you find a  Child’Space Practitioner near you.

Why Child’Space

The Child’Space Method, developed by Dr. Chava Shelhav, teaches parenting practices that contribute to early development by helping your baby to feel and to regulate himself.

As an adult, your mind tends to be preoccupied with adult tasks. The Child’Space Method guides you to observe your baby’s pace and temperament. You develop your parent’s intuition for the quality of touch, the pace, and the tone of voice to help your child safely explore the world around her as she grows and develops.

Each class or private session will teach you new ways to communicate with your baby, and to stimulate his or her developing systems.

To learn more about The Child Space Method {click here}

In this two-minute video, Barbara Leverone, a trainer in the Child’Space Method, explains what Child’Space is, and how it works.