The Child’Space Professional Training Program

Whether you are already working with babies, or are new to
the field, the Child’Space Professional Training Program
will teach you what you need to work effectively with babies
and their parents.

The training is an invaluable resource for anyone interested

  • learning about infant development

  • being able to observe in detail what babies do

  • enriching their repertoire for interacting with babies
    for early intervention and helping children at kindergarten
    and school age.

  • learning ways to support parents in their role
    as the baby’s primary teacher

The program consists of 50 training days divided over one or
two years. The curriculum covers developmental stages from
birth through independent walking, including

  • essential theory

  • movement explorations covering each stage of development

  • ample practice to develop the quality of
    touch and technical skills for introducing babies to
    movements that they need to learn.

The program can benefit the work of
Feldenkrais® practitioners, occupational therapists,
physical therapists, caregivers, child therapists, teachers,
social workers, psychologists, and parents. The training may
be used to satisfy continuing education (CE) requirements.

How do you use Child’Space in private practice?

The Child’Space Training Program teaches two ways to work
with babies and their caregivers:

Individual sessions, where the Child’Space practitioner
works with one infant and his primary caregivers, and

Group sessions, where several babies and their caregivers
participate in games using touch, movement and singing. The
practitioner leads the group and spends time with each baby
and parent in a enjoyable social environment.


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