What is Child’Space?


We all want the best for our children. Child’Space helps parents to understand their babies’ development including
new and traditional ways to participate in their child’s daily learning, at each stage right from birth.


In Child’Space, touch is used to help babies be aware of their limbs, and to know where they are in space. With the
practice of this touch, babies can better feel themselves,and their possibilities for movement. Touch is also a potent
way parents can help babies regulate their muscle tone, both up and down, as suits the situation.

Before they can support their weight in standing or begin to walk, babies need a great deal of preparation. They need to
be comfortable being on their back and on their belly, on all fours, and in the many varieties of sitting and
kneeling. They need to be free to use their arms so that they can hold a toy and play in many different positions.

Child’Space helps your baby master these important skills at an appropriate time and pace, ready to develop into toddlers
that can stand, walk, run, jump rope and play with a ball. 

In order to build a foundation for new learning, a Child’Space session always begins with activities around starts a process of playful self  what the baby already knows how to do. This establishes trust and exploration.

For a baby, learning transitions between positions is as important as being stable in one position such as sitting.
Mastering transitions give babies the ability to choose their environment and to direct their own learning.

Today we often see babies who are late to roll or crawl or skip these steps entirely. Special needs are also more
common. Research shows that earlier parental involvement makes it easier to overcome the various difficulties that
babies encounter as they grow.

helps all babies to explore in a playful way movements and activities that will be in their repertoire
for the rest of their lives. In our experience, babies are happier and more satisfied with themselves as they discover
the vocabulary of activities that belong to the human developmental program.

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