What is Child’Space


The Child’Space Method is based on teaching parents how routine activities and play with their babies can stimulate developing motor, cognitive, emotional and social abilities, and improve co-regulation between babies and parents.

Child’Space takes its name from an approach to interacting that respects a child’s space, as when she is exploring on her own, and adjusts activities to suit her pace and temperament.

Child’Space seeks to enrich a baby’s learning during the period from birth to independent walking. While development during this crucial period may seem to happen on its own, parents and caregivers contribute in many ways they may not be aware of.  Most early education happens through touch, movement, and face-to-face communication. These interactions  can contribute to a baby’s curiosity, enthusiasm, concentration, regulation of mood, confidence, satisfaction, joy, pleasure, social and motor compentencies, appetite and elimination, and general vitality.

Child’Space helps parents and caregivers by teaching them how to observe their babies and to support their babies’ development. By learning to attend to small details of how their children act and learn, parents come to a better appreciation of their children as individuals.

 Each Child’Space session brings activities that enhance a baby’s sense of himself and bring together multiple developing competences in service of new abilities.  Sessions often lead to immediate improvements to children’s lives as infants and toddlers, while preparing them for later challenges as jumping, holding a pencil and playing with a ball, which have great social and psychological significance.`