Developmental Movement Explorations

Developmental Movement Explorations (DMEs)

are  guided explorations, often forty-five minutes to one hour long, that cover the basic repertoire of infant movement development from birth through walking. DMEs foster the development of  body image by performing movement with attention the proprioceptive sensations of touch and pressure. DMEs cover functional activities in various orientations and positions and cover transitions we make from lying, rolling, in and out of  several kinds of sitting, kneeling, crawling,standing up, kneeling down, and walking, jumping, and many others. Experiencing developmental movements directly provides an ability to visualize movement and mechanical insight we need to  guide babies (or adults) through movement.
This sustained experiential learning personal benefits as well. Most discover a fuller and clearer sensory image of  themselves and their possibilities.)  A second benefit is the opportunity to re-experience the stages of development. Sufficient time is provided to explore the target functional themes and bring improvement on many levels.

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